In a world where there are now millions of “coaches”…

Be ONE that is
Outstanding & Wildly Successful

Impact. Influence. Wealth.

L' Entraineur

A Master 1:1 Mentorship (Apprenticeship) For Coaches

This is for the coach (or therapist ready to leap into coaching) ready to up-level into their multi 6-figure businesses.

You'll Learn...

And there's more...

I will be sharing and teaching my inner processes, developed EQ and interpersonal, relationship enhancing skills in HOW to empower you and others and coach most effectively and transform lives.

HOW to create programs and offers you and your future clients love.
HOW to lead coaching containers and groups, 1:1 coaching, mentorship and facilitate masterminds.
HOW to create an authentic, enthralling, credible brand people are drawn to, want to buy from and STANDS OUT.

HOW to sell your offers successfully with confidence, fun and flow
using multiple non paid ad funnels, organic strategies and social media
sales strategies and systems (that are not too complicated).

L' Entraineur

It’s absolutely possible to reach your dreams
in this crazy coaching industry on YOUR terms.
L' Entraineur is ideal for new, aspiring coaches or established coaches!

What to Expect

Are you ready to be in a powerful, high level experience to establish an exceptional, stand out, wildly successful coaching business?

Wealth in the hands of heart-centered women
is good for everyone,
those she loves and the world.

The coaching industry/world is confusing, lacking in knowledge, ‘must have’ skills and integrity.
While at the same time full of freedom around authenticity, creativity, innovation and possibilities!

About Me..

I’ve supervised therapists.

I’ve transformed 1000’s of lives.

I created a 6-Figure women’s coaching brand in a year
and then I did it again
and again
with organic marketing and sales only.

I have 44 years of experience in personal development and 33 years in business establishing 3 online 6-Figure Businesses.

I am a successful podcast host, speaker, television expert and author.

I have layers of knowledge, strategies and insight on HOW to be a successful coach in the current age. It’s now your turn to know it too!

L' Entraineur

The coaches that inevitably and joyfully succeed are
the ones led by the Innovators who must create.

It is their play, their passion, their meaning.

Let's Get Started

$14,000 For 6 Months

$22,000 for 12 Months

Other payments plans are available. If paying monthly, a contract is required.

L’ Entraineur is tax deductible!
*Your company may cover the fee in its entirety

Frequently Asked Questions

A multitude of benefits!
You'll learn to connect with your team in emotionally intelligent and influential ways. You'll learn how to show up with confidence and ease and establish yourself in the online space - a necessity in the current age.

Yes, Transformed is tax deductible!
*Your company may cover the fee in its entirety

Maybe even better!  There will be new fun heights to reach as we collab together!

This is for ALL

  • Coaches
  • Aspiring Coaches
  • New Coaches
  • Established Coaches
  • Therapists who want to be Online Coaches
  • Women Biz Leaders who Coach or have teams.

OUR Time is NOW!!
YOUR Time is NOW!!

We all want to make money, good money!


I have spent the last 13 years figuring it out. I will be sharing it ALL with you and will collaborate with you to create the aligned money pathways for your business.

Are You Ready? Let's Go!

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