La Femme Sexy – The Sexy Woman – Leslie Gustafson

La Femme Sexy – The Sexy Woman

The 1:1 Private Coaching Experience
for the woman who wants a deeply satisfying, exciting
sex life.
A Journey to Loving Sex & Being A Sexual Woman You Love.

An intimate coaching experience for the woman who desires to be fully expressed in her…
self-connection, sensuality, passion and pleasure, and ignition of her feminine soul.

3 Months –  $5000

or 6 Months – $8000


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“A woman who loves her sexuality for her own sake is a free and empowered soul in and out of the bedroom.”

Become fully You – alive, free loving your sexuality, and uniquely empowered.

Please don’t have s ex just because he wants it.

Please don’t have s ex because you believe you are required to.

Please don’t feel ashamed that s ex isn’t the romantic dream you thought it would be and it is NOT a dream.

Please don’t have s ex if it’s painful.

Please don’t pretend that companionship is enough in later life.

Please don’t believe that s exual desire falls away with age anyway so who cares anymore.

Please don’t believe that perimenopause and menopause is the end for pleasurable s ex.

Please don’t think that what happened to you in the past
can’t be healed and transformed.

Please don’t think that your self- consciousness or naiveté about s ex and your body keeps you from becoming the free and s exy woman you privately long to be.

Please don’t keep avoiding this challenging area of your life.

Please know you were born with a full capacity for pleasure
and nothing has changed.

Please know if you WANT your intimate life to be different than
it is and even deeply alive and satisfying it can be.

Whether you are a woman who has never talked out loud
with anyone about your s exuality before

there are trouble spots in your s exuality right now and you want them fixed.

you are fed up with not receiving all the “goodies” that you hear
S ex can bring!

s ex has been OK but you want it to be spicier and more exquisite!

I’ve GOT YOU!!


3 Months, 6 Months

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