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40 Sexy Tips and Tricks

I’ve been asked for this over and over, “What can we do to spice things up? Or how can we fulfill our partner?”

Here it is…

Download the Audio file or PDF version.. or Both!

*For women and men

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear
Unearth YOUR Dreams… See YOUR Purpose.

In this inspired audio teaching and accompanying clarity heart-work,
you will discover, perhaps for the first time what your unique dreams and purpose.

Enjoy unearthing, dreaming and getting Crystal Clear about your life.

*For women and men

Two Rooms

Learn to live in light and love. Not Fear!!

When you invite light into your world and you agree to push back the darkness, you become alive in ways you never imagined. Suddenly your life takes on new possibilities.

In this inspired audio teaching and accompanying exercise, you will discover the power you have to release fear and live in love and light once and for all.

*For women and men


Conquer The Villain Within

It’s true.

We have a Villain that lives within us.

Everyone one of us.

Your villain can leave you feeling stuck, suffering, disempowered, small and far away from a full, abundant life.

In this practical and inspired audio, Leslie will help you get FREE from your inner villain of fear once and for all

Unless there is an alligator at your feet, fear is not FOR you!

*For women and men

Downloadable PDF's


The Exact Do & Don’t Strategies I Used to Build three 6-Figure Online Businesses with Facebook & Instagram.

Are you trying to build an Authentic Business that Makes Money using Social Media?

17 Benefits of Sex

for Women Who Love Sex (or Want To)!

It’s time to break the stigma and celebrate our sexuality, being a sexual woman and the power within us.

Masterclass - Online Courses

Art of Boundaries

The ART of Boundaries


Relationship Honoring
Truthful and Loving

Boundaries are foundational, powerful, life, love and career transforming.

This online course contains 5 empowering, life-changing lessons.

Over 40 years, I have become a Master Artist of Boundaries.
They have and continue to be the very fabric and color of my success as a
woman, partner, Mom, Coach & powerhouse businesswoman

Allow me to share, teach, and inspire you into your most
Amazing Boundaries.

Boundaries are indeed an ART and you can become a master artist too!

The Empowered One

Lifetime access to a 3 Hour Masterclass to gain Insight, Clarity & Freedom from Narcissism.

One-of-a-kind teachings from 2 experts in the field on Narcissism
4 Accompanying Heartwork Exercises

An Opportunity to open to greater possibilities for your life.

Insight… Clarity & Freedom Await You!

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Amazing Intimacy: Create A Spectacular Marriage In and Out of the Bedroom

This book is meant as a guide and inspiration for two lovers in the bond of marriage. Who stand ready to renew or create real excitement and passion in their love for one another. As a road map for enhancing and creating sexual and emotional passion, 

If you’re interested in deepening your love for one another, enhancing sexual passion and building your relationship on principles that keep your marriage truly alive and exciting, then this book is for you. 

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