Who I Am...

Hi, I am Leslie Gustafson.

I mentor and coach women who want success in ALL areas of their life – emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically and relationally.

Everything I do is based on inspiring women to discover and live out their full identity. I work from a transformational, coaching model that insists on reclaiming and creating the best version of YOU. 


Not a modified, people-pleasing, adapted, avoidant or diminished version so many women live with and tragically settle for.


My Professional Career

I am a Master Therapist, Mentor and Coach for women. I am a Certified Sex Therapist with a national organization called AASECT.

I have over 32 years (10’s of thousands of hours of direct professional experience, helping 100’s and 100’s of women) tap into and express their unique giftedness emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologically and sexually – helping them boldly reshape and even overcome circumstances that get in the way of living rich, abundant lives. Bottom line, the women I work with experience remarkable outcomes in their lives.

I have been a featured expert on all major Television channels with 132 TV segments to date and co-author of the book Amazing Intimacy.

And at the height of my professional career, I have created a life-changing, step-by-step program that results in powerful changes deep inside a woman’s heart, soul and mind. That allows her to be real, authentic and confident and powerfully influence every area of her life.


Aside from credentials and experience,

here is my heart...

I have a huge desire to see women excel, thrive have great joy and live an abundant, alive life!  Every fiber of my being exemplifies what I do professionally in my work with women. 

And I’ve figured out how.

I'm more solid in my decision making, have a stronger sense of my own personal power and feel more accepting and hopeful.

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