Feeling stuck?
Wanting so much more?

In finding & experiencing true love?
In your motivation and zest for life?
The freedom to be the real you - YOURSELF?
Empowered to change any part of your life?

It's Time For Change!

To rise up into a new and powerful identity – with confidence, passion, energy and a creator of love, connection, joy and success – complete success.

No longer willing to settle?

Does this sound familiar?

Are You Ready For

Someone to help you ignite your amazing self!
To guide you toward a life that is thriving and passionate 
in which you’re motivated, excited, and living in joy. 


In 10 weeks… Yes! Just 10 Weeks… 

Using the best strategies, knowledge and tools from
inner personal and relationship modalities, psychology, women’s sexuality research and neuroscience, 
you’ll retrain your brain and belief system and rework your narrative that has you
subconsciously repeating your same restrictive patterns that kill
the realization of your Amazing Self.


Will This Work For Me?

My program is a PROVEN system that has helped thousands of women in the last 32 years – if you are REALLY ready for this, it WILL work for you too! I combine many modalities including neuroscience, cognitive tools, emotional intelligence , experiential psychology, known spiritual wisdom, current women’s health and sexuality research and have pulled it altogether in a highly inspirational and uplifting format.

 Please know, your unique, individual concerns will be well addressed.

Here's How It Works

“Up until now, I had never been able to share deeply like this with anyone. You are so loving and safe. My life is about me now and I am able to assert myself with my husband. and I have self-awareness and so much love inside of me that I now live in every day.”

Melinda H.
Forensic Accountant

The Bottom Line...

I only work with committed women who are serious about wanting to stop settling and are ready to RISE UP.

That means you must be willing to do the work to transform your life and to stop settling for less than in your life.

This is program will transform your life.

Yes! Transform Your Life!

It Takes You Through a Strategic, Step-By-Step Process with 100% Support! 
Ensuring You Reach Your Goals and…

Become The Powerful Woman You Are Intended Be!

"I'm walking in the goodness
of who I am.
I am living my best self!"
- Tracy G.
"I wake up now and it's a new day in love.
I'm in the 'Now' now and that has
really changed things."
- Maureen D

**Please Note

You are applying to be part of a premium coaching program that produces high-level outcomes for my clients. I don’t give out the details or the investment of the program until I am certain you’re a fit for the program. That can only be determined during our Breakthrough Call sessions. But know if you are looking for “cheap” or “free” – the “Amazing You Program” is not for you.

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