How I Help

I am a Mentor and Coach for women who want Success and Abundance in All Areas of their lives.

Extraordinary Coaching Program

That takes you through a Strategic, Step-By-Step Process with 100% support, ensuring you reach your goals and

Become The Powerful Woman You Are Intended Be – Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually, Physically and Relationally.

The transformational path you will use to create a new life is founded on 
sound, clinical roots culled from ongoing research and state of the art current coaching models –
in addition to the change factors I have discovered in my many years
as a specialized therapy clinician and in my own personal work as well.

All involve my own unique, inspirational approach to help women move into a brand new life.


Listen Closely...
The women I work with

Are A Perfect Fit if...

Plain and simple, want more – much more. It’s her time to STOP settling for less – and REACH for everything she wants.

  • She knows that to change anything in her life – she has to level up – find great confidence and worth – and grow into an empowered woman capable of altering her world.
  • She realizes she is the center of change and willing to take full responsibility for herself and can’t wait for her lover or a future partner to give her or attract the love she deserves.
  • She knows she can’t do this work alone – that she needs an expert mentor and seeks out the best she could find who would give her full support and collaboration.
  • She is willing to put fear and doubt aside and is ready and able to honor and invest in herself in a woman’s Premium Coaching Program.

In short, the woman I work with is ambitious and she wants it all. 

That includes more than small gains – she wants success in every area of her life. She no longer wants to miss out on a full, thriving and vibrant life, where negative emotions and relational disappointments define her ongoing experience.

She wants to become a confident woman, trusting herself fully to create the life she wants- to get the love she deserves, a relationship with a partner that is intimate, sexually satisfying, and caring. She wants to be able to make clear, powerful choices about career/lifestyle to shape what each day brings. Days that inhabit confidence, joy, and the freedom to be fully herself – truly alive.

"I wake up now and it's a new day in love. I'm in the 'Now' now and that has really changed things."

Maureen D.

Whether that sadness and disappointment shows up in your marriage, other relationships, single life, career, and other circumstances, I know what works to change and transform your life.

Yes, TRANSFORM Your Life.

With an abundant heart and a wisdom that has led thousands of women into their dream life, I know how to get you there. And get you there RAPIDLY. It CAN’T HAPPEN SLOWLY. Progress has to be intensive, uplifting and inspirational with high levels of momentum – unlike therapy and other self-help strategies. I am truly a master at getting you where you need to go – with a proven step-by-step strategy.

I’ll show you the way and
I’ll walk right beside you to get you there. 

I signed up with Leslie at a point in my life where I knew there was more to life than what I was living...I have been in years of therapy only to feel OK then back into the fear, worry and negativity that controlled my life. Not to mention how it affected my relationships.

Debra V.
Fashion & Interior Designer
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