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Divine You – All Inclusive


Human design is a powerful blueprint to discovering how to live out your most authentic, aligned life and purpose.

What I bring to the Human Design space is the deep capacity to infuse your reading with psychological depth and knowing! Making it a higher-level experience than typical.

Also as a Human Design Practitioner and Certified Sex Therapist, I bring a capacity to guide you into your most aligned and pleasurable sexuality.


The first thing we pinpoint   in HD is our “Energy Type”.

There are 5 Main Types:



Are here to initiate and innovate new ideas and creative concepts to the world. “Manis” are designed to work and act independently. Making up 8-9% of the population, Manifestors receive ‘downloads’ and are ready to GO! when they do.



Make the world go round as they are the life force who are designed o work and love their work. What they do for work must light them up to be aligned and not burn them out and the more they are lit up, the more energy they have. 36% of the population.



Natural guides. Projectors are not designed to do a lot of doing. They see deeply into others, are wise, and see systems others don’t see that need to be refined for efficiency. Key to Projectors is the need to be seen and valued for their unique passions and contributions. 20% of the population.


Manifesting Generators

Are a combination of Manis & Genis and have a deep inner awareness about what is right for them as they wait to respond to a sign that the timing to act is right. Key to MG’s is a strong intuition turned on by gut-level responses which they can trust for their alignment putting them in the right place & work and having their divine impact. 32%



They are the mirrors that mirror back the energy around them. Their environment and the community around them affects their energy. They can be powerful facilitators and have a unique beat and perspective and can be seers of things overlooked by others. 1% – all energy centers in their chart are undefined.
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