Has Your Ship Sailed?

Unfortunately, I hear this so often. It’s like you get to a certain age – change hasn’t happened and you believe it never will.
When you live as if ‘this is it,’ for most women, it’s like a death sentence of sorts. So many tell me that this isn’t how they thought their life would be at this stage.
But you want more. You’ve likely served others – kids, husband, family, work – but never really prioritized yourself.
It’s kind of like having a garden, but you never really tend to it much. Pretty soon, the garden you once knew doesn’t look the same. And in fact, you can’t even remember what it looked like to begin with.
Imagine the plants haven’t been watered consistently and the beautiful roses are flaking off to the ground. Shrubs and bushes all look depleted and worn down by the weather of life. And like the garden, you too have left yourself out. And you feel change could never happen – your most important dreams could never come true.
Like the garden unattended to, you too have symptoms. Maybe you’ve lost the confidence you once had. Perhaps your marriage is less than exciting and full – but you don’t know what to do about it. Instead, you feel unloved and even alone when in the same room as your husband.
You experience more anxiety than ever before. Life has started to feel overwhelming. You may feel burnt out or stressed out or flat-lined. You begin to ask yourself who you are – because you can’t remember & the memories of you earlier in life seem distant. You now mostly cope with life & believe your ship has sailed. You may try to find contentment with “what is”, but if you’re really honest, your “what is” is crappy and NOT AT ALL what you want or need!
I know that behind any disappointment in life – any confusion, fears you live in, overwhelming circumstances and hopelessness is a woman who has given up on herself. in some way or completely. Heartbreaking.  Yes, she may have given up on her man, her career, her lifestyle, etc. – but underneath it all, she’s given up on herself. And she feels helpless to change anything.
I know what it’s like to give up. It’s like it happens over time – I call it a slow death where you don’t see what’s coming – how serious it really is. And you end up later in life worn out, disappointed, overwhelmed and anxious about what’s ahead – afraid it’s more of the same and you tell yourself, “I just can’t live this way any longer.”
But down deep, you believe your ship has sailed. You try to ignore the ache inside and distract yourself – but you know you’re only coping.
Know this – your ship hasn’t sailed. It’s ready to leave the dock and sail into a new horizon.
I coach women who are tired of just coping and living with a crappy life – women who want to feel alive emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, physically and relationally.  That is why I created a clear path ahead for women that I discovered in 32 years of helping 1000’s of women.  I made the path simple yet explosive – step-by-step process & transformational.
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