Munchausen Syndrome…. You?

Munchausen syndrome – This is a disorder where you pretend to be sick or have psychological symptoms to get attention.
“Yikes,” you may say….” Could I really have that?” No.

A Women’s Life

But let’s look at a woman’s life more closely – at least many women’s lives.
You give and serve others most of your life. And rarely get a thank you – yet you long for appreciation. You have a huge heart – but it’s like no one else has that kind of heart towards you.
It’s almost like you would have to pretend to feel loved, or respected or even noticed.
And then you begin to dummy down your life – and convince yourself you can’t have more – and worse yet, you feel guilty for wanting more. After all, there are many blessings in your life. God, the universe has been good to you. So you settle for crumbs or you just imagine you’re loved and valued.
And maybe you are – but there’s only a little evidence of anyone being truly interested in your heart, your dreams, your hopes.

I call this a kind of slow death – that living in your full authenticity, being all you can be, living out your true potential – has eroded over time. And now you live in a limited version of yourself but wanting more. But convincing yourself there can’t be more for you. 

You may not pretend to be sick. You may not pretend to have psychological symptoms. But in fact, you do – you find yourself in fear, anxiety and disappointment for what your life has become. It’s like getting ill and suffering as a result
For some, what I’m talking about rings totally true. For others, partially true.
But if any of it is true, it’s a slow, inevitable collapse of all you can be. What your life can be!
I’m not recommending Munchausen’s Syndrome as an antidote. Please don’t stop reading this and go pretend to be sick 😉
But consider this – perhaps you haven’t learned how to change things in your life. Perhaps you haven’t learned how to truly know yourself in a deep, powerful way that gives you choices – choices on how to live and how to change the circumstances you have ended up in.
We get love and respect because we start with ourselves – we major in growth and transformation from the inside out – so the outside – our circumstances and relationships have to ADJUST TO US!
No more symptoms of doubt, unhappiness and loss – of wondering if you’re loved for who you are – and not just what you do day in and day out. Rather, symptoms of JOY, CONFIDENCE AND LIGHT – KNOWING ONCE AND FOR ALL, NO ONE COULD SEE YOU ANY OTHER WAY.
Here’s what I want you to do. I want to help you find your way to your full life – where you have confidence and control of what your life looks like. Where you – in all your amazingness – of being real and being the light in the world that represents your true self – is what people see – it’s what you see – it’s the magnet no one can miss – and your relationships and your world draw alongside you.
So, if you haven’t already, watch my free masterclass – The 5 Secrets for Women to Create Confident, Passionate Lives.

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