Are You Really To Blame?

Isn’t this true? We women love to serve, see others happy and we can give and give and give – until we combust. And then start to feel we’re not getting much back in return.
We wonder why we’re exhausted, anxious, defeated, depressed, and feel unloved. But in this process, we so often turn on ourselves. We do this in many ways: lack of self-care; using words to beat ourselves up; blaming it all on ourselves in negative ways; shattered self-esteem that only concludes “I’m to blame or something’s wrong with me.”
This is going to sound harsh, but in a very real sense, you are to blame.
I don’t mean that in that “You should have known better.” Or, “You blew it.” Or, “There must be something wrong with you.”
What I mean, is that our lives are our responsibility to live out the way we want.

The fact that you’re to blame, is actually good news. In fact, it’s GREAT NEWS.

 Because if you take 100% responsibility for the life you’ve created – the one you’re living in right now – despite whoever else is in your circle and regardless of what circumstances have evolved in your life – then you will begin to realize you have 100% power to change it. In fact, 100% power to create the life you want – NOW.
This may be far from obvious – but it’s true. You and you alone CAN change your circumstances. You, and you alone CAN decide what you want in life.

And you can seek a path out OR settle for what is. 

Many years ago, I decided to start ‘blaming’ myself for where I was in life – not shaming myself – but realizing that I have choices in life and can create the life I want. Sure, I had help along the way – guidance and a strong mentoring coach. But it all started with me – fed up with being less than I can be in all areas of my life.
As my life as a woman evolved, I took my knowledge of growth and transformation into the lives of the women I was working with. I developed a step-by-step path to get them to a brand new place. I moved out of the therapy model and into a highly inspirational, hugely effective transformation model. Change can happen fast and can begin right now.
Those women I’ve helped – love “blaming themselves” now. Because they now have everything it takes to continue building and shaping their lives into exactly what they want.
I am Leslie Gustafson and it’s my huge privilege to teach women – coach and mentor them to be their own best friend and not their worst enemy – empowered to live a new life – no longer drowning in negative circumstances but carving out new horizons. Let me take you there.
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