Your Beautiful Soul

The soul – it animates the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes like a howling wind, you can’t help but notice its power. And sometimes it speaks in the quiet, barely noticed recesses of your heart. But it’s your own unique possession from the moment you were borne. A gift given from above. Receive it well, […]

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The Woman In The Mirror

Sometimes I look in the mirror and just stare at myself. I’m not looking for wrinkles, checking out my eyebrows, or wondering if my makeup is on right. Rather, I get into a kind of a reflective state and begin to wonder. I wonder if I’m living up to my full potential; I wonder if I’m

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Are You Really To Blame?

Isn’t this true? We women love to serve, see others happy and we can give and give and give – until we combust. And then start to feel we’re not getting much back in return. We wonder why we’re exhausted, anxious, defeated, depressed, and feel unloved. But in this process, we so often turn on ourselves.

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