The Woman In The Mirror

Sometimes I look in the mirror and just stare at myself. I’m not looking for wrinkles, checking out my eyebrows, or wondering if my makeup is on right.
Rather, I get into a kind of a reflective state and begin to wonder. I wonder if I’m living up to my full potential; I wonder if I’m making the biggest difference in women’s lives that’s possible; I wonder if my vision for myself, my family, and the women I work with is clear enough; etc.
In other words, it’s kind of like a checkup on my current status – including my fulfillment, happiness, and the energy I live in.

I’d like you to do that for me – right now if you’re not driving. Get in front of a mirror or just imagine you are by closing your eyes and seeing yourself there.

Then ponder with me. Ask yourself some pointed questions – not what’s for dinner tonight or whether you scheduled that hair appointment. Rather:

  • Am I living the life I truly want to live?
  • Are my key relationships – including my marriage if it applies – all I want them to be?
  • Do I know myself well or have I lost sight of who I am?
  • Am I tapping into my true potential in my career, friendships, talent – or am I living a ‘less than’ compromised life?
  • Do I want more but believe it could never happen? Or have no idea how any real changes could be made?
  • Do I live in negative beliefs about myself that get in the way of success and happiness?
  • Have I given up on feeling loved by my partner because it could never be any different?
  • Do I see myself as unlovable?
  • Do I experience way too much anxiety and disappointment in my life?
  • Do I believe I’m living out ‘my lot in life’ rather than seeing life as your oyster?

If any of these describe you – and you can certainly add to the list – then I hope you can hear this – THERE’S AN ANSWER TO ALL OF THIS.

In other words, looking in the mirror of your life can be full of:

  • Hope and confidence – that the life you want you can create.
  • Changes that can happen in your most significant relationships when you realize the changes begin with you – and you know how to become a beacon of light and confident about what you allow – and no longer allow – relationally to happen.
  • Joy and a sense of empowerment that may have eluded you your whole life.
  • The one who shapes and reshapes the circumstances around you.
  • Success – in every part of your life – including career.

The next time you’re in front of a mirror – physically or mentally – make a choice to create the life you want. Make a choice to join me in a powerful step-by-step process to empower you to live life to its fullness.

If you want a Master Coach – and I am one with over 32 years mentoring and coaching women into a brand new life – to come alongside and steer you into a new life – where you create everything you want from a place of strength, courage, and boldness – where you look in the mirror and exude confidence and move from fear to an empowered life:


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