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The term “gaslighting” is used a lot these days, but do you really know what it means? In this episode of The Kathie J Show, I explain what gaslighting is and how to deal with it if it happens to you.

Gaslighting is when someone in the relationship dynamic tries to control the other person by twisting their reality. This can happen by making the person feel too sensitive or question their own memory and their own perspective.

Gaslighters will make you

  • lose who you are,
  • second guess yourself.
  • feel like you’re not good enough

Here’s the thing! If you’re in this situation, you are good enough! You must learn how to stop the manipulation so you can live your true authentic self.

A gaslighter provokes a disruption in the other person and blames the other for the behavior. And underneath is some insecurity and vulnerability on the part of the gaslighter. They don’t have the capacity or willingness to know what’s going on with themselves. They have an inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for their own experience.

Dealing with gaslighting starts with an awareness and trusting your own sense of self. When you have a sense of your identity, you can run these experiences against your truth.

I love the word “UNLEASH” when it comes to realizing your authentic self.

I don’t think you become or grow into your identity, rather you unearth and unleash who you are. You grow into an understanding of how amazing you really are. An understanding of your own wants and needs, your own unique personality with all its individual nuance.

It means being centered in the truth of who YOU are and doing life as only you are intended to do in all your amazingness!

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*video used by permission from the Kathie J Show.

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