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On this episode of The Kathie J Show, Kathie and I talk about overcoming resentment and moving toward living your great life. We break it down, discuss how to recognize it, and how to stop it from overcoming your life.

Behind resentment is the tendency to assume it is not okay. That having negative emotions is always a bad thing. But it becomes a problem when we don’t let this resentment air. We need to acknowledge our emotions, even when everything isn’t all right, then do something about it to move past it. It is when we start stuffing the emotions that it festers.

How it usually works is that an event triggers you, then you stuff it! And then when you look back on the event, you create a story based on your history.
“Everyone does me wrong!”
“My husband always…!”
“Nobody loves me!”

We spin around this story and our old resentments because we didn’t know how to process this emotion. We get provoked again and again. Spinning and spiraling down.

You start to question what happened to you, then add it to your story of being hurt.

This resentment is toxic! Toxic to your well-being because you’re not dealing with your emotions in the present. Stuffing and hiding it may seem self-protecting, but then we get poked, and BOOM. Rage. Anger.

And Guess What?
Venting about the situation doesn’t help.
Venting is not processing a perceived wrong. It is just expanding a story of resentment. And sometimes, it is not even based on the truth.

We must learn how to process emotions in current time. When things are coming up, we don’t stuff them and make a story of it anymore. Yes, our feelings are legitimate! Have them, experience them, and then let them go. Move on. Stay Current!

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*video used by permission from the Kathie J Show.

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