Is My Partner A Narcissist? Am I? – Everyday Show

Narcissism – we hear the term often in media. What is a Narcissist? Can you have a healthy level of narcissism?

I was invited to the Everyday Show to elaborate on the topic of narcissism and how it affects relationships.

First of all, we need to understand that narcissists are on a continuum. A zero is someone with really low self-esteem and very little confidence. And on the other end of the continuum are highly inflated people that addicted to specialness. Only 1-3% percent of the population are in the 9 to 10 range.

What about the middle zone. if you’re around the 5 or 6 range this is actually healthy. Healthy narcissists have good self-esteem, take good care of themselves and others. They have a lot of passion and are optimistic about life and what they’re doing. They also have the flexibility of character.

It is when a narcissist hits the 7-8 range that things become problematic.

Have you ever been in a relationship dynamic that made you feel wonderful at first? The other person has put you on a pedestal, which happens to be right next to theirs. The problems arise when the narcissist starts to feel unspecial or that “things” are wrong. You can’t bring up emotional struggles because everything has to be right in their world.

They are emotion-phobic. And then they become will to exploit you or others to stay in the spotlight because they “deserve” to be special in all areas of their life. They are good at staying in control.

Then one day, you’re saying to yourself, “where did my life go?”

I hear this statement a lot! Where did my life go? I feel stuck! It is what it is.
Life doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, when women come ALIVE and LIVE OUT their authenticity and unique identity and learn the EXACT insights and skills to capture empowerment in every area of their life… It IS remarkable! I often say to the women I work with, “As it should be” – because living out this kind of life is as it is intended.

I invite YOU to feel ALIVE again. To create MORE in your life.

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