I’m No Longer The ‘Me’ I Want To Be

Have you thought that? Perhaps you’ve given and given but misplaced your confidence, your zeal, and your motivation.
For many women, they may be quite accomplished. Yet their experience of happiness, joy, and even confidence, have dwindled over the years.

Marlene’s Story

Marlene is a perfect example. She was quite successful in her IT career. She managed a small team in a medium-sized corporation. Yet problems had begun to emerge. She no longer felt connected to her colleagues. Her productivity had suffered over the past few years. She no longer looked forward to going in to work. Somehow her motivation was no longer what it once was.
Her marriage of 31 years lacked passion. She felt that the excitement of marriage had in fact become dull several years ago. She knew she wanted more – and wondered why she had settled for less for so long.

She felt lost but also confined to a box – the box of life she helped create but now felt more like a prison she couldn’t escape. She was tired of blobbing around and had put on weight – which made her feel uncomfortable. The walls felt like they were closing in on her.

So many new feelings she wasn’t used to. Those included low-grade depression; anxiety that seemed to appear the minute she woke up in the morning. The dread of going into work. The near absence of her spiritual life – never religious but believing in God and loving to explore inspiring podcasts and get together with friends to discuss growth ideas.
All in all, Marlene had lost herself. Completely? No. But enough to make life rugged and certainly flat.

Her greatest fear?

That this was all there is now in her life and it wasn’t going to change.
She told me, “I’ve gotten to the point where I look in the mirror and I ask, who is this woman?”
Underneath it all, Marlene was afraid.

  • Afraid that she was lost and would never find herself again.
  • She was afraid that she would be seen as selfish if she pursued a new life.
  • She was afraid that if she changed, she wouldn’t be loved.
  • She was afraid that her time had run out – she was too old to feel alive and motivated again.

She was afraid I wouldn’t understand – but believe me, I get it. I was once in the wasteland and needed to figure out a way to reconnect with who I once was – and even more importantly, all that I could be now and in the future.
But here’s the deal – the answer wasn’t ‘hunting’ for the real me – or even trying to revive the old me. Those strategies never go anywhere.
What’s needed is a tried-and-true step-by-step process where you define – in your heart, mind and soul – who you really are. You see, the answer lies within. But think of it this way – it’s buried. And you can’t find it or see it. So hunt all you want, it’s not simply around the corner where you suddenly wake up and Wala – ‘there I am.’
You need an uncovering process that works – that gets you in full touch with who you are – and does it quickly. Years of therapy doesn’t really help – it just promotes the hunt.

Uncover Who You Really Are

For Marlene, she worked with me full on. I helped her see immediately what was possible and as we uncovered who she really was inside – the real Marlene – she began to feel empowered. Within a few weeks, her view of her life was changing dramatically. She reclaimed her motivation for a new life – I walked her through the steps of how to create that.
She learned to set boundaries in her marriage and ask for what she needed to stay relationally connected. She was beginning to see clearly what was OK for her and not OK. And she was developing the confidence to stand in her truth and not settle for less to make others happy. What a new beginning.
Today she is still in IT, still in the marriage she was in when she met me – but she is brand new. She feels alive and competent, spiritually connected, and knows she is the creator of the life she wants and everyone around her can see it.

When she wakes up in the morning, no more anxiety – rather, as she told me, “I can’t wait for the day – I feel alive and I’m going to make every day count. Leslie, I’m no longer searching for the ‘me’ I once was. I have a new me – Marlene 2.0. And I love her.”

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