Betting on Happiness

“Why not take a chance and bet on happiness?

—Jenny Han

Why do I love this quote? Because I think that it challenges us to consider where we place our bets.

For way too many women, they place their bets on the status quo. It’s everything they know and despite any negatives, betting on happiness seems futile or even too risky.

One reason is the lack of hope. But get this – so many women settle because it’s too painful to hope for more and watch it never happen. So they create ‘mini hopes.’ Can’t get too disappointed if you don’t ask for much.

I get so tired of seeing women suffer who have learned through life – and are even socialized – to limit their dreams. Women who are taught to never ask for too much. Women become caretakers of others and aren’t expected to consider themselves in the process. After all, how will you take care of me if you don’t put your needs aside?

I’m not much of a betting woman, although I do like Blackjack. But when it comes to helping women, I bet it all. I don’t put a few dollars on the gambling table. I put everything I have in the pot to make sure women get all they want in life.

It’s ultimately not a risky bet. Because I know how to get women to the jackpot of their lives – where their biggest hopes come true.

This year, bet on YOU. And if you want help, I’m here.

With my whole heart,

Leslie Gustafson, M.A., LMFT, CST
Women’s Master Coach & Mentor

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