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Is My Partner A Narcissist? Am I? – Everyday Show

Narcissism – we hear the term often in media. What is a Narcissist? Can you have a healthy level of ...
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Inspirational Articles and Stories

Am I really lost?

My husband, who I adore, gets lost easily. He’ll drive to a new location – say someone’s house, spend the evening, and have no idea …

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Munchausen Syndrome…. You?

Munchausen syndrome – This is a disorder where you pretend to be sick or have psychological symptoms to get attention. “Yikes,” you may say….” Could I ...
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Are You Really To Blame?

Isn’t this true? We women love to serve, see others happy and we can give and give and give – until we combust. And then ...
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I highly recommend this program for anyone that is committed to living a full life that is created by you for you alongside a dynamic group of women and a mentor/coach who loves on you and guides you every step of the way.

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