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What does it mean to be fully you? Authentically You?

It’s the opposite of having imposter syndrome. This pop-psychology term is the syndrome of not really being you. As humans, we learn early on that to survive, to get the connection that we want, sometimes means pretending. Being super compliant and adapting instead of being our quirky true selves.

It is tragic and traumatic because what happens over time is that we don’t discover who we really are. We’re constantly putting on masks and being people pleasers. It doesn’t feel like really us.

Ask yourself, “Who Am I?”

Do you know who you are? Is this a daunting question to ask yourself?

The way you know your true self is because you’ve been yourselves freely, authentically, and genuinely over and over again. Others can see you and delight in you.

Imposter syndrome can also be called imposter solution. As a child, you don’t intentionally manipulate. It actually learning to adapt and survive and create a solution that works in the moment. You’re also building a personality around this attempt of solving and getting their needs met.

It’s a solution in the moment, but if we keep doing it and become the established personality, it doesn’t work anymore.

To live fully, you want to be in authentic connection and accept others in their uniqueness. No one can get to know you if you’re pretending. These coping strategies inhibit you and you never really blossom as yourself.

There is nothing more compelling or refreshing than an authentic person.

They have a light about themselves and gives other permission to be free to themselves.

The consequences when you’re entire life becomes one big lie, aka “fakenstein”, is that you don’t know who you are but trying to be what’s expected. You’re playing to your audience. It causes anxiety as it’s exhausting to play pretend all the time.

You’ll crumble in anxiety and panic as all of who you really are is undercover….

It takes a lot of work to uncover who you really are and be okay with it. To move past the shame and anxiety – to be vulnerable and take risks.

Are you aware of yourself? Pay attention that you’re different around others or sacrifice yourself. Identify it in yourself and when you’re not happy, afraid all the time, and don’t feel real.  These symptoms are telling us something. It’s time to do some digging.

Are you showing up in your life like you really want to be?

It comes down to being honest with yourself.

Can you really get past the imposter syndrome? ABSOLUTELY!

It’s the heart of what I do – helping women who are ready to grab hold of the life they long for. When you fully show up authentically more and more all of the time, it transforms your life.

You have so much to offer when you’re full of love and authenticity, IT’S MAGNETIC.

Are you ready to be fully you? Then…

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